Looking Forward to Some Relief

Spring green up is struggling to proceed as the Texas Winter Grass, Canada Wildrye, Western Wheat, Engleman Daisy and the annual Rescue Grass is beginning to lose some of its green luster. Without a rain shower soon, the potential ‘good’ spring will be lost over this area. Where good ground cover including grass, forb and litter are present along with healthy root systems the potential is still possible. Without that cover the spring is all but lost for those that have not utilized a sound grazing management program.

The below photo shows Engleman Daisy, Texas Filary, Rescue grass, Globe Mallow and several other forbs and annuals moving into the survival mode that nature has designed into its program. This survival mode is to produce seed at all costs, as the very low growth of leaf surface is obvious. (The pocketknife is of the 3 ¾” variety for visual comparison) This survival mode is also heavy on the mind of livestock producers in the area, as all ranchmen are faced with critical and possibly very expensive resolutions to the continued drought conditions.

One thought on “Looking Forward to Some Relief

  1. Frank, you state the current situation and decisions facing ranchers well. Many will keep their livestock and complain about the lack of rain and blame the range deterioration on drought, which spending money to feed the animals that they should have removed from their rangelands. If the rainfall is like El Paso, the stocking rate should be like El Paso. In range management, the first three principles should be: 1. Stocking rate,2. Stocking rate, 3. Stocking rate. Everything else comes after SR.


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