What did our rangelands look like prior to settlement?

On the first of September much of the rangeland that we operate will have been green for more than 130 days. This has been an unheard-of grass growing event with the relatively cool summer with no big rainfall events, however well timed and productive smaller rains have provided the growing event of a lifetime. Yes, this has been extremely beneficial for all ranchers in the area and those that are working with a well-planned graze-rest program have produced rangeland conditions riveling perhaps the best in many grazers’ lifetime. Following through and continuing with the graze-rest programs will move those ranchmen’s management endeavors to new heights.

While the assumption can be made that grazing conditions are not like Charlie Goodnight saw when traveling through the Concho’s in 1857, the pictures depict, perhaps, a small glimpse of what he saw. (Perhaps less the cedar trees) Sideoats, Little Blue, Bush Sunflower, Indian Grass, Old World Bluestems (That Charlie certainly didn’t see as they are introduced plants) and numerous others of small population but of equal importance, provide the diversity essential for building soil health, storing of carbon and environmentally sound grasslands.


Indian Grass-Little Bluestem-Old World Bluestem-Side Oats
Side Oats-Little Bluestem-Tall Drop Seed

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