Indian Grass versus Shin Oak

Have been watching this area of Indian grass mixed within shin oak patch for some time. Over the last three years the Indian grass and occasionally some Little Bluestem has virtually filled all the open areas (interspacing) within the shin oak area. At one time this was a heavy Red-Blue Berry Cedar area with mixed oaks virtually no grass as density of brush would not allow it. Perhaps this Indian grass was a survivor of the past protected by the heavy cedar cover. The brush management (released) the Indian so that it could thrive within its new environment. Many times, the rangeland manager is not aware of the surviving plants from days gone by because of poor grazing management and the released grass is consumed and quickly killed by livestock under a continuous grazing program. However, when a well planed graze-rest program is in place (Preferably prior to brush management) the Indian grass can flourish and begin to revive the rangelands of old with dense populations of tall-deep rooted drought resistant grasses.

It will be interesting to watch and see whether the Indian grass or the shin oak dominates the area over time. Most would say the Indian has no chance as the shin oak is so aggressive. Perhaps an incorrect assumption with the current grazing program. We will see.

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