Ground Cover is Essential for Drought Resistance

Ground cover, both litter and dense perennial grasses, is invaluable during the frequent dry periods of West Central Texas. (Or any other area for that matter.)

The small showers of the past few weeks have resulted in excellent growth of cool season grasses within these areas, while just a few feet from this promising forage growth the bare ground is showing no green except for a few small ground hugging weeds. These areas don’t just happen, it takes good grazing management to produce this scenario on a scale large enough to provide needed forage for the livestock enterprise.

The perennial Canada Wildrye and annual Rescue Grass are found within the pictures. Note the annual broomweed in the pictures. It does not appear to have been detrimental to the health of the grassland ecosystem, even provided some cover and seeds for the quail. (If there are any to be found.)

Second picture shows a transition from bare ground to healthier range site.DSC00937DSC00939

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