Goals of Rangelands and Ranching

It is my hope that rangeland managers, environmentalists and anyone else that works with, or even has concern for our great rangeland resources across the United States, (The world for that matter.) will be able to learn from the posts available on this web site. It is not expected that everyone will agree with the posts or comments, but perhaps the reader will think through and begin to understand the process’ involved in sound rangeland management and the value it has for the ranching and environmental communities.

Not only are the environmental aspects to be covered within this ‘Blog’ of high priority but the welfare of the animals involved in the ranching process are also of great concern. After some time and posts, it is my desire to show how important healthy-properly handled livestock are to the profitability of the ranching operation and most importantly to the health of the rangeland itself. (Animal impact and the timing of that impact are a key element to healthy rangeland ecosystems.)

Understanding the importance of looking at a ranching operation from the perspective that everything that is done on a ranch has a direct influence on that operation. Whether it be grazing, finances, type of livestock, family wellbeing, or socially within the community all have a direct influence on the success of the operation. Over time it is my hope to provide some understanding of how these and many other relationships are so important in achieving the overall success of not only the ranching operation, but the health of our rangeland resource.

Finally, I have no desire for anyone to even remotely think that I am an expert or master at anything. I simply have a passion for the land and recognize the astonishing changes that can be realized when sound grazing management is applied to the rangeland. As a rancher or rangeland manager, I am willing to share my experiences in working with the amazing resources the rangeland has to offer. The potential for marked improvements in the environmental aspects of sound rangeland management practices are numerous. Addressing soil loss or erosion, increasing water retention from runoff prevention, storing the water in the soil for future use thus making drought a much more manageable issue, sequestering carbon within that healthy soil created by that properly applied grazing management are all obtainable often at an amazingly rapid rate. Offering my thoughts about these and more rangeland issues will certainly be an exciting process and perhaps along the way I can learn from others that are willing to share and comment to this web site.

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